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All-In Kids Sport was developed and branded by the founders of Toronto's #1 adult sports service provider, Off Limit Sports. 

The OLS team is a group of passionate individuals who provide customized and unique sports programs. The founders are parents themselves who are excited to extend their service to parents and youth using staff that have completed background checks and trained to deliver physical literacy and youth sports programs.

Our Programs Philosophy  

The 5  C's

We use the 5 C's as a reference point for our coaching so that we can evaluate our effectiveness as a youth program provider.

By developing sessions and programmes which develop the 5 C's and then reviewing their effectiveness against this framework we can monitor our performance and improve the quality of our delivery.


Every session and every exercise or game should is designed with the development of your child's abilities in mind. Our responsibility is to ensure that they leave every session, a little more able than before.


We aim to get kids  to develop their skills in a non-threatening, learning environment where they can build self-reliance and their understanding of themselves. 


Children should feel connected to their peers, their coaches and parents. Developing an understanding of their teammate's needs and individual characteristics helps them to develop as positive human beings and as future athletes.


Children's personalities should be nurtured and developed through sport with the principles of fair play and equality reinforced. Equally, children should be encouraged to explore and understand how their personal characteristics affect their team mates and their own performance in sports.


We strive to encourage children to develop their own solutions to problems and challenges they face while playing. By doing this they will develop a sense of ownership of their abilities. By creating exercises and games that challenge the players and encourage them to find their own ways of dealing with them we can often be surprised by the ways in which children can solve the problems.